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Marvin Hare, Jr.
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Marvin Hare, Jr.

Marvin Hare Jr is a third-generation farmer from Newport AR. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1965 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture. He always knew he wanted to farm and could not wait to begin his farming career in Jackson Co Arkansas. He began farming 700 acres of soybeans in 1966. In 1969 He expanded his operation to 1000 acres and started Hare Planting Co Inc. in 1972. Over the years he has been fortunate to purchase land and build a grain bin facility to dry and store his rice. He now farms over 6000 acres with his daughter and son in law.
Marvin has been an active volunteer for the rice industry serving on many boards and committees. He is a member of the Arkansas Rice Council and Arkansas Rice Farmers Board as well as their national groups on the USA Rice Boards. He has served as Chairman of the Rice Foundation which works to fund rice research for all 6 rice producing states. Marvin has always been a huge advocate of the University of Arkansas research and extension. Therefore, some of his most enjoyable volunteer work has been as a member and past Chairman of the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board for the past 20 years.
Over the years Marvin has always been a firm believer in producing more grain with less inputs and conserving the natural resources on his farm. Throughout his career he has been on the forefront on new ideas and technology. In the 1970s he began filling in well pools and above ground canals which moved water across his farm. Installing underground pipe was the first step in conserving water. He began precision leveling rice fields in the late 1970s. He quickly realized the water savings and knew this was the way of continuing to grow rice into the future. He continued to farm and make improvements on his own until the early 1990s when his son and daughter returned to the farm. At this time, he felt very motivated to make sure that the family land was protected for their futures as well as his grandchildren. Although the farm located between the Cache and White River basins has a high-water table, he designed a plan to finish the precision leveling of the entire farm, build a reservoir and tailwater recovery system. Precision leveling had come to be very much the norm but reservoirs and tailwater recovery systems were only thought to be needed in critical ground water areas. He was told to simply drill another well because that was cheaper. His persistence paid off and today the family farm has a six-acre reservoir holding over 20 million gallons of water and a 2 tailwater recovery systems that service 1095 acres of rice and soybean production.
Marvin cooperated with Ducks Unlimited in the late 1990s in the Arkansas Rice Project to expand the relationship between ducks and rice fields. With the help of his son in law they began to work together to build habitat and food plots for overwintering ducks and geese. The synergy between rice fields, duck habitat and the joy of family being together during duck hunts all motivated Marvin to continue to adopt practices on his farm that would raise the bar in habitat conservation. Even though at times these efforts are in direct opposition to rice production he continues to see the value he is adding to habitat and waterfowl conservation. His operation now floods over 1800 acres annually to serve as rest areas and feeding areas for thousands of migratory birds on their trip to and from the Canadian prairies.
Marvin has just completed his 51st crop and looks forward to starting again next year- after a few good duck hunts this fall!

Join us for the second annual Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame. The second class will be inducted on November 30, 2017. This evening event will share the stories of the impact of their contributions as waterfowl enthusiasts gather to celebrate this time honored tradition.

The creation of this new program is a long overdue effort to preserve the contributions of those individuals who have gone above and beyond through dedicated time, resources and other work to enhance the waterfowl industry in Arkansas.

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Thursday November 30, 2017

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